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The Better Baby Bottle Campaign

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We want to help you fundraise, but we can’t do the work. We can make getting the tools easier. We know resources are tight for everyone, and we also know that the Baby Bottle Fundraiser brings the best return on your investment. Now, the Better Baby Bottle Program allows you to get that return first, and make the payment after your funds have already been brought in.

There’s no longer any need to worry about getting too few or too many bottles back because this program makes it all easy! Just tell us what you need, and we’ll send them immediately. Then, send back any bottles you don’t use (in resalable condition), and pay only for those you did use! We will credit your account with no restocking fee, no refund fee, and no processing fee. Even better, there is NO UP-FRONT COST for this fundraiser! We will not bill you until you have had a chance to collect your donations! As every organization that has tried the Baby Bottle Fundraiser knows, this program brings in huge returns. Each bottle is filled on average with $20-$25 and up to an 80% return rate. That means if you send out 1000 bottles, you can easily raise over $18,000! With our new Better Bottle Program, you get to collect your donations FIRST, then pay for the bottles (which you get to keep and use in future drives).

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